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News Flash! Great Candidates are Getting Hired! What makes a candidate a "great" candidate? The ability to communicate value, solve problems, deliver bottom-line results, and build long-term relationships. Nine out of ten candidates fail to understand the importance of strategically marketing themselves.
 In today’s competitive economy you need        

  • High value collateral – résumé, marketing letters
    and leave-behind materials
  • To articulate your value and deliver bottom-line results
  • A professional online and social media presence
  • To project confidence and credibility
I’m Mary Jeanne Vincent, Career Expert & Strategist and Career Talk columnist. My clients are successful executives, professionals and new careerists who are willing to invest in themselves to achieve their career goals.  If you would like to join their ranks, let’s talk!

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Upcoming Events

The Networking Roundtables offer professionals who are seeking positions with job search support and networking opportunities. They facilitate the sharing of contacts, successes and challenges, and build skill and confidence when networking.

5 Reasons Salary Negotiations Fail, July 15, 12-1pm

Settle for More: Female-Friendly Salary Negotiation Strategies, August 13

Getting LinkedIn for Job Seekers, Aug. 19, 2016

Settle for More: Female-Friendly Salary Negotiation Strategies, October 15

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